What we do.

Kind Mind offers a comprehensive Social Emotional Learning Program to build lifelong resilience.  Everyone needs a safe space to build emotional awareness. With a focus on building compassion and resilience from within, Kind Mind has developed a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum that is designed to be modeled, rather than taught.

Through evidence-based practices, reflection, and discussion, Kind Mind participants develop the critical skills to build self awareness, emotional awareness and regulation, compassion, and resilience. Our curriculum is designed for students, teachers, and caregivers to foster SEL skills, together. 

Kind Mind SEL Curriculum includes:

  • Kind Mind Compass: Compassion Practice to promote healthy emotional processing
  • Kind Mind Audio: To promote mindful awareness
  • Kind Mind Rhythm and Connections Calendar: To restore a balanced lifestyle and avoid burnout 
  • Kind Mind Breath Guide: To promote a healthy nervous system
  • Kind Mind Lessons, Practices, and Activities: To embody compassion and resilience
  • Kind Mind Video Tutorials: To guide participants through curriculum content

Kind Mind’s curriculum is adapted for the following audiences:

  • Childcare settings 
  • Schools 
  • Families