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As we gear up for the school year, this week I am prioritizing quality time with my kids, slowing down, and enjoying this last bit of summer. 

I tend to feel the pressures of “to do” lists and am overwhelmed this time of year, but when I stop and really think about what MUST be done before school starts, it’s less overwhelming than my mind is telling me it is. I can always use the first week of school to pick up those final supplies or buy new socks for the kids. Perspective is important in recognizing real priorities.  

This week, I encourage you to notice when you feel overwhelmed by all the things you “must” get done, and really prioritize.

Try to ENJOY this time with yourself and your family. There is always more time, even though our minds try to trick us. 

This week’s practice: 

  • Try to prioritize fun or relaxing things YOU want to do with your kids. 
  • Notice overwhelm and stress, are the culprits truly an immediate need, or can they wait? 
  • Give yourself permission to relax. This is life, after all. 

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