Restore Balance

Finding balance is not easy. Our culture values efficiency, productivity, and being busy, so when we are not feeling super motivated we might be labeled as lazy (this mind trick gets me all the time!). This can leave us feeling guilty when we want to rest, take a nap, or watch t.v. in the middle of the day. 

We need to learn to tune into our bodies and minds so they can guide us here. They know when rest is needed, but we need to pay attention. When we do, we also model for our kids that rest is just as important as being busy and active. Too much action is unsustainable and eventually leads to high stress, among other problems that hit us like a ton of bricks when we reach adulthood. 

This week, give yourself permission to rest. 

This week’s practice: 

  1. Tune into your body signaling you to rest.
  2. Even if it is just for 15 minutes, lay down and close your eyes (the kids will be fine!), or cancel your evening plans (it’s healthy to prioritize yourself, your friends will understand).
  3. Notice if you feel guilt for resting, note the guilt and remind yourself that you are taking care of yourself by resting now. 
  4. Modeling rest and balance for your kids will stay with them for a lifetime!

Note: Our minds play tricks on us all the time! Remember the Kind Mind Compass, this practice brings us back into our bodies, which is the only thing that is TRUE in any moment. 

In the classroom: 

  1. Offer 5-15 minutes of rest time to your kids if the energy is running low.
  2. You could invite them to lay on the floor, rest their heads on their desks, color, draw, or write. 
  3. As a teacher, your days are packed full, remember that a few minutes of rest results in more productivity over the long term. 

Note: There is no such thing as wasting time, this is another mind trick that gets me all the time!

At home: 

  1. Model resting for your kids, when you are tired. 
  2. Offer a little quiet time for your kids when you notice they are grumpy, not feeling great, or yawning.  
  3. We love audiobooks, reading, or listening to Kind Mind Audio to help relax into stillness, even for only 10 minutes. Often times the most active kids just need PERMISSION to be still, that is when they melt. 

Kind Mind Audio

To promote self-awareness, inclusion, and resilience for all ages.

Kind Mind Compass

A visually guided compassion practice that reminds you to come into your body during emotional rollercoasters. 

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