Pilot #1

Portland, Maine
Head Start Pre-K Classroom

Research Questions: Do twice weekly in-person mindfulness lessons, combined with three times weekly video mindfulness lessons, support Head Start Pre-K students to improve the following social and emotional skills:

  1. Overall Stress
  2. Emotional Distress
  3. Behavioral Difficulties
  4. Hyperactivity and Concentration Difficulties
  5. Difficulties Getting Along with Other Children
  6. Kind and Helpful Behavior

OmKids offered twice weekly, 15 minute in-person mindfulness and movement sessions to a Head Start Pre-K classroom (16 students). In addition, students received Radiant Beginnings video curriculum at least 3 times a week for the month of March. Videos are 5-10 minutes in length.

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Quantitative Outcomes:

The bulleted list offers some of the most significant findings.

  • There was a decrease in the number of students who scored VERY HIGH/AT RISK for all of the social and emotional outcomes measured, aside from kind and helpful behavior which remained the same.
  • 94% of students Stress scores decreased post program.
  • Hyperactivity and Difficulties with Peers scores both decreased for 63% of students post program.
  • 25% of the students reported HIGH/AT RISK for Behavioral Difficulties pre-program. The scores lowered to 3% post-program.
  • 44% of students reported HIGH/AT RISK for Emotional Distress scores pre-program. Post-program scores were reduced to only 25%.


Overall, the daily mindfulness program offerings supported improvements in all of the social and emotional outcomes measured, aside from Kind and Helpful Behavior, which remained the same. All 16 students reported the same or lowered scores for each of the outcomes measured, aside from Participant 8 in Behavioral Difficulties which increased 1 point, still in the average zone.

The collaborative OmKids and Radiant Beginnings mindfulness and movement program was effective in lowering 5 of the 6 social and emotional outcomes measured for the Head Start Pre-K classroom.

Qualitative feedback proved that the program was successful in helping children learn tools to calm down and breathe. Teachers reported to enjoy the program and found it to be supportive in building a positive learning environment.