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Kind Mind Audio: Kids -1-2 minute guided audio

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Program: Childcare

Kind Mind believes that building a foundation for emotional health and resilience starts in infancy. This Social Emotional Learning Curriculum is geared toward building emotional awareness and healthy processing of emotions in every childcare setting.

The Program Includes:

Kind Mind Corner

Every classroom needs a safe space to build emotional awareness and healthy processing of emotions. With a focus on building compassion from within, we are developing a space where we can simply be with our feelings, with mindful awareness. Rather than thinking about how we feel and labeling our feelings, we feel sensations in the body. By meeting our own suffering in this way, not only do we process our suffering in a healthy way, we naturally cultivate compassion by leaning toward suffering. 

In Class Training​

Professionally trained, nurturing teachers will visit the classrooms for 30 minutes each week for four to eight weeks. During this time there will be a 10 minute circle activity to promote resilience. The remaining 20 minutes will be used to model the use of the Kind Mind Corner naturally as the children and teachers engage in their normal daily routine.

Modeling is intended to support educators learn how to best utilize the space without feeling overwhelmed by “one more thing”. Children will become comfortable using the space as a way to support their emotional well-being.

Professional Development​

Kind Mind is passionate about supporting hard working providers with their own self care. Working with children is one of the most important roles there is in our world. Kind Mind offers self care workshops for staff to engage in strategies that will support their own health, well-being, and resilience. 

Experiential workshops leave staff feeling restored, relaxed, and inspired to sustain their own well-being so they can continue to nurture our little ones.