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Kind Mind Audio: Adults  – 8 – 10 minutes practices

Kind Mind Audio: Kids  – 1 – 2 minutes practices


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Support During Social Distancing

Daily family check in

Check in: Use Kind Mind Audio (2-10 years old Kids, 10+ use Adults) above to guide this time. 

2 word share: Find time in the morning to sit with one another and take turns checking in. Share your feelings in 2-3 words. This helps build emotional awareness and naming what we feel to help process in a healthy way. 

Be honest about how you feel. Children are incredibly intuitive, so they sense fear, anxiety, sadness regardless of our own admission. Giving these feelings a name and being honest with our feelings supports children in doing the same. This is emotional resilience at work! It also helps take away the “good” versus “bad” emotions. We all experience all emotions, we are not good or bad for feeling them. 

Daily Connection

Connection is one of the main pillars of resilience. Social distancing makes connection very difficult. Here are some ways to build connection into your daily routine. Set your phone aside to help you connect more deeply without feeling pulled toward distractions. 

  1. Nature – Get outside! Listen to the birds and the wind. Go for a nature walk. Look at bugs and bark. Experience awe in the natural world. 
  2. Mindfulness – Connect with ourselves by following our breath, feeling our heartbeat, and noticing our bodies. This will ease anxiety, fear, and calm the nervous system in times of stress and fear. 
  3. Write or Draw – Expressing yourself through journaling and/or drawing is a beautiful way to process what is happening for you in a healthy way. 


Find ways to be of service everyday. Here are some ideas: 

  1. Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  2. Call an elderly or sick neighbor and offer to run an errand for them
  3. Support one another in emotional safety and sharing emotions
  4. Send a video to friends and families

Common Humanity

Remember, we are all in this together. This is a virus that does not discriminate. Recite the following phrases to yourself when you find yourself spiraling: 

“Just like me, we all experience fear. We all experience worry. We all experience sadness. And, just like me, we all wish to get through this together. We all wish to be free from suffering. We all wish to be happy.” 


If you find yourself feeling triggered and/or arguing with people that are close to you, try connecting with that moment and taking space. Even 2 minutes of space to cool down and reflect on what is happening. When I do this I am able to clearly see that my reaction is coming from a place of fear and anxiety. When I see this, I can express what is happening for me. Or, I can practice self-compassion or simple mindful breathing for a minute or two.


Coming this Fall and Winter

Kind Mind Resilience Building Program

This video series and home use curriculum is intended to support caregivers in building awareness and offering support around personal resilience building. Modeling resilience is the best way to support our children.

Videos will be 10-15 minutes in length and will offer a lesson, an accessible (not too time consuming) weekly exercise to shift the way we feel, and resources to support our way of thinking and teaching our children. The focus will be:

  • Building awareness
  • Identifying triggers and strategies to support you in reacting
  • Developing emotional awareness and resilience
  • Building compassion and self compassion
  • How to support your children in building resilience

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