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We asked the teachers we worked with to give us their honest opinion on the benefits of the program. The following are averages from all Teacher participants feedback to date, Grades Pre-K through 5th Grade…

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How would you rate the knowledge and skill of your teacher in presenting the material?

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Teachers Benefited

Did you personally benefit from lessons?


In what ways do you think lessons benefited your students?

  • They were able to calm and quiet themselves and felt very positive about participating
  • Ability to calm through breathing and learn other strategies
  • Made them more aware of their bodies, breathing, and how they are feeling.
  • Allow them to be self aware and connect with their inner selves.

How would you rate the lessons?

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In what ways do you think lessons could benefit the overall learning environment?

  • Helps kids to get focused and calm so they can better talk about things that may be troubling them, get in touch with themselves and to better take in information/lessons.
  • I feel that overall it will help students think more about the choices they make, I feel it will also help them in problem solving situations or when they are feeling overwhelmed. Just today we all took a breathing break!
  • If students are mindful they will overall be in a better space when doing academics.
  • Inner peace of oneself in dealing with strong emotions
  • Classroom management
  • Common language to use when a student is having big emotions. Also gave me some ways to help kids in my class while they are feeling calm to hopefully make mindful choices when they are not calm.
  • They may eventually be able to do more self regulation which would in turn cut back on teacher directed behaviors to fix and that always equals more learning time.

What percentage of students benefited from classes?

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Students Benefited