Our Impact

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Students Benefited

What percentage of students with special considerations benefited from the Kind Mind Curriculum?

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Teachers Benefited

Did you [teachers] personally benefit from lessons?


What lessons/strategies were most helpful for your class? 

  • We loved all of the lessons, but I think the ones that really hit home were the Breath Techniques, Affirmation Cards and learning that all feelings are valid and should be felt.
  • Breathing, Kindness, and Emotions Lessons
  • Talking about emotions and connecting them to breathing, as a way to cope with a feeling or difficult situation.
  • Listening and Breathing Lessons

How valuable would you rate the Kind Mind Lessons?

On a scale of 1 - 5 (5 = extremely valuable)

In what ways do you think lessons benefited the learning environment?

  • I think I benefited a lot, being more in tune with my own emotions but it also gave students a safe space to understand their own feelings and ways to take care of those emotions, and know they are special no matter what!
  • Helped to maintain more calm in the classroom and in students recognizing feelings.
  • It increased the feeling of safety and the importance of recognizing and acknowledging feelings in ourselves as well as others.
  • I feel it was a huge benefit to their learning environment, I feel like it helped create a safe and loving classroom environment.

Do you want to continue with the Kind Mind Curriculum next school year?

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YES! I want to continue working with this SEL Curriculum​