Welcome to Adulthood

It all started when I became a mom…the triggers. I didn’t realize how much suppressed emotion I was living with until I had my own kids. Or was it my age, 30’s are INTENSE.

My name is Lee, I founded Kind Mind because of the work I did in my own life to feel happy, and the commitment I had to not repeat patterns that were harmful to me as a child.

I am the middle child, one of three from my mom and dad. Then came divorce and two adopted step brothers, followed by a half sister. It’s safe to say that my childhood was chaotic. And my siblings saved me. They were there with me on the roller coaster that was life. I love each of them so much.

Fast forward to young adulthood and my anxiousness was getting the best of me. Sleepless nights, migraines, and so much self doubt (along with perfection seeking). I was exhausted on the inside, but nobody knew. I barely knew. I had become a master at suppressing and avoiding my emotions. I found mindfulness and yoga as a way to help me sleep. This was the beginning for me in learning how to connect with myself, again.

Fast forward to motherhood. Sleep deprived, physically depleted, and still perfection seeking, PLUS I was triggered by so many things. I felt more and more reactive and less and less in control, which was anxiety provoking in and of itself. I knew what to do, I needed to get back to meditation to stay sane. I knew I wanted to be better for my kids, and this is how I did it.

I breathed. I connected with myself. I studied and practiced compassion. I built resilience around all of my human emotions. All that had been suppressed for so long. I learned how to set boundaries. I learned how to ride the roller coaster of life, but this time with JOY and ACCEPTANCE.

Little did I know, I was modeling all of this self discovery for my kids. They started meditating with me and reminding ME to take deep breaths. They taught me just as much as I taught them. It was their beauty and awareness that helped me to realize how important these skills are for all humans, especially teachers and parents.

Kind Mind is a program that is meant to feel accessible to all people. It is meant to help create subtle change in your day to day, so you can sustain it for a lifetime. This is a transformative program that will help you evolve, and feel more resilient.

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I’m so happy to connect with you.

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