Do you ever feel that your sense of purpose and accomplishment comes from being busy and productive? And when you are “lazy”, you feel guilty about it? 

For so many of us, productivity has this way of giving us feelings of satisfaction and wholeness. We are praised for creating and producing things from a very early age. 

This week is a perfect reminder of our need to rest. The clocks changed, our body clocks are out of whack, we aren’t getting our normal amount of sleep, and everything is telling us to slow down and adjust.

How about we model rest for our kids, and praise them for taking care of themselves by slowing down and resting.

This week, just rest when you feel tired. There will always be more time in the day or week to be productive.

This week’s practice: 

  1. Give yourself permission to rest. 
  2. Notice if you feel guilty for resting, and try to let it go….that’s right, KEEP RESTING!
  3. We need to practice getting in touch with our bodies and letting them lead the way, so we can stay healthy and balanced. 

In the classroom: 

  1. Build-in extra time to rest and be quiet each day this week (and if you like it, forever!). 
  2. Teach a mini lesson on the importance of rest as a way to take care of ourselves and stay healthy, and how listening to our bodies is the best way to know when we need to rest. 

Note: Play this read aloud video in your class –  Listening to My Body, by Gabbi Garcia 

At home: 

  1. Rest with your kids this week. 
  2. Clear the calendar of scheduled events and just be together, leaving some time for boredom and connection. 
  3. Notice if you praise productivity, and try to find ways to praise rest!

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