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Social Emotional Learning for Elementary-Aged Children

Kind Mind offers a SELf-care curriculum for lifelong resilience. 

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Our full SEL curriculum focuses on resilience building teaching practices and topics that are based in research. This curriculum is designed to serve whole communities, not students alone.

Everyone needs a safe space to build self and emotional awareness. With a focus on building compassion and resilience from within, Kind Mind has developed a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum that is designed to be practiced and modeled, as well as taught.

With simple, daily resilience building practices built into your classroom routine, the environment will begin to shift and everyone will feel the difference.

Kind Mind’s SEL Curriculum is an annual subscription that includes:

  • Kind Mind Compass + Cards: This visual guide brings a compassionate approach to emotional processing.  This practice allows children to feel the hard emotions, build strength as they feel them, and remind themselves that they are not alone in the way they feel.
  • Daily Rhythm: A classroom guide to integrate simple, daily resilience building practices into the classroom routine.
  • Weekly Connections Calendar: A daily connection and sharing tool that builds resilience from within, and as a community.
  • Self Care Ritual: Short daily practices to promote healthy, balanced, and nurtured Teachers.
  • Breath Guide Cards: To balance the nervous system.
  • Guided Audio Collection (digital download): To promote mindfulness, self awareness, and compassion practices (ages 3-6 and 6+).
  • Kind Mind Parent Workshop (digital download): To engage families and educate caregivers for home integration that feels accessible.
  • Monthly SEL Kit (includes digital downloads sent to your inbox on the 1st Monday of each month, throughout the school year):
    • Video tutorial for teachers + personal practices to support Teachers build resilience
    • Two lessons/discussion guides
    • Student Journal pages for each lesson
    • Group activities, to be introduced at the convenience of the teacher
    • Monthly Holiday Activities and Lessons, to promote inclusivity, equity, and compassion for the whole world
    • Live virtual office hour twice/year where Lee will hold an open forum for questions and discussion

Much of Kind Mind’s curriculum content is displayed as art to work as visual cues for ease of implementation. These visual reminders help participants cultivate compassion and resilience from within, and together.

Materials are also sold separately. Click the button below to learn more.

Contact Lee to learn more about the annual subscription SEL Curriculum and pricing.

Professional Development

Professional development prioritizes social emotional learning and self-care practices that build resilience for both Teachers, and their students.  Mindfulness, Compassion, and Self Compassion are primary areas of focus, as the foundational components to the Kind Mind Curriculum. 

Offerings Include:

Teacher in-service – 2 – 4 hour Workshop

Professional Development – 1 – 2  hour Workshop

Parent Workshop – 1  hour Workshop (live or pre-recorded options available)

Contact Kind Mind to learn more or schedule a live or virtual workshop for your school. 

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