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Program: Schools

Kind Mind offers a comprehensive Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for lifelong resilience. 

School Closure Support

FREE Offering: Self-Compassion for Educators

Kind Mind’s Founder, Lee, will host FREE Zoom calls for school staff (educators, administrators, lunch and janitorial staff) in an effort to build connection and relieve stress during a time of great uncertainty. The format of these 30 minute calls will be as follows:

  • Guided Exercise: Self-compassion practice
  • Writing and/or Drawing: To enrich the exercise
  • Facilitated Discussion: Discuss fears and worries during this time with a lens of self-compassion
  • Resources: Supportive practices to build resilience 

Contact Lee if you would like to set up a call for your school staff, lee@kindmindeducation.com 

Resilience Building Tips:
  • Daily Connection – Use guided audio below, letter writing, FaceTime, connect with nature, journal

Kind Mind Audio: Adults -8-10 minute guided audio

Kind Mind Audio: Kids1-2 minute guided audio

  • Self-Efficacy -Use this time to connect with your inner strengths and see your capabilities. Work to let go of self doubt and believe in yourself more than ever. 
  • Awe – Look for your emotional expression of Awe and lean in. Research shows experiencing awe everyday supports a healthy nervous system. 
  • Purpose – Write 3-5 core values on a piece of paper and look at them every day. Notice if this guides you towards living your purpose every day.
  • Breath and Movement – Move your body a little every day. Work outside, take a walk, dance around your house! Mindful breathing can relieve stress and support a healthy and nervous system.  

Helpful Resources:

Follow Kind Mind on Facebook and Instagram for resilience building tips.

The School Program Includes:

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Our full SEL curriculum focuses on resilience building teaching practices and topics that are based in research. This curriculum is designed to serve whole communities, not students alone. Please join us in restoring balance in schools by embodying and teaching the lifelong skills that are critical in happiness and success.  Curriculum includes:

  • Lessons and Discussion Guides – to support a community of compassion, resilience, and inclusion
  • Kind Mind Journals – to reflect and enrich each lessons
  • Cultivate a Kind Mind – transitional space and posters (for home and school) to enhance emotional awareness, healthy processing, and cultivate compassion daily
  • Kind Mind Breath and Movement Guide – to support a healthy nervous system
  • Teacher and Parent Guide – video series catered to reducing burnout and promoting self care, and to educate and support families
Professional Development

Professional development prioritizes self care practices that build resilience.  Mindfulness, Purpose, Compassion, Self Compassion, and Inclusion are primary areas of focus. 

In Person Classroom Sessions

Opt to have the lessons taught by a trained professional and receive a discount on the curriculum. Sessions support a kind and focused classroom environment, while training teachers in the curriculum so they feel supported. 

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